Blackberry Wine

Amethyste blackberry wine

Feel the subtlety of the enticing blackberry and taste the best of rich and authentic European legacy. Our passion for the blackberry began a long time ago, since we first tasted it as children and indulged its delicious flavor hustling our way through the thorny bushes. As experienced wine-makers, we quickly apprehended that blackberry wine is a Mother Nature’s bottled treasure, providing a nutritional and healing value as it contains diverse minerals and vitamins. In order to capture pure quality, one must first be a sophisticated gourmet or gastronome, mastering the craft of cooling the wine to a suiting temperature and matching it with the perfect meal.


Amethyste is a formidable wine brand of European origin. Blackberry wine has been famous for centuries due to its exquisite taste and healthy attributes. Now, we are bringing Amethyste Blackberry wine to the world.


We devoted ourselves to find a perfect balance for the Amethyste blackberry – walking a tightrope, as the wine does, between richness, structure, and delicacy. With an intensity that reflects its source, the wine manages elegance and finesse. Juicy dark berry flavors are layered with complex notes of spice, smoke, and lovely minerality.

Nature and Quality

Our Amethyste winery nestled in the fertile valleys of Croatia produces finest blackberry and grape wine. Discerning customers will appreciate uniquely fine and natural blackberry wine, made from high-quality berries fruit that are grown solely in specific regions of Croatia. Prepare to be surprised and delighted.

We look forward to sharing our passion with you!


Blackberry wine benefits

The blackberry wine is known for its positive effect on health. Aside from being a delicious dessert and addition to any diet, they are also packed with essential antioxidants. A lot of nutrition is bottled in the blackberry wine. Blackberries are a source of vitamin C, which boosts the immune system and protects us from the disease. Berry-wine compounds contained in blackberry wines may help manage blood sugar and provide an effective treatment for diabetes. The alcohol in blackberry wine may offer some protection against heart disease.


An antioxidant in blackberry wines, may lower cholesterol, control blood clots and reduce the risk of a heart attack.


Giving these fruits their distinct blue color reduce blood pressure by relaxing blood vessels. These pigments are also powerful antioxidants, which may protect against cancer, memory loss and the effects of aging.


Blackberry wine is the richest natural source of body absorbing iron. Iron is the main ingredient of hemoglobin responsible for oxygen transportation throughout the blood system.

Vitamin A & C

Blackberries also contains vitamin A & C, which serve several functions in the body. Vitamins A & C support the immune system, which combats infections and illness. Vitamin A also supports the growth and maintenance of teeth and bones, as well as keeping skin healthy.